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21 for '21; Our Predictions for The New Year

December 29,2020

It’s been one hell of a year.  

One where we’ve all needed to be resilientpersonally and professionally. 

As a company of close-knit team members, our resilience is defined by the care we...

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RapidRatings for Sourcing & Category Managers: Where Relationships Begin & End

December 24,2020

Depending on who you are, this may be the least (or most) interesting email you get in your inbox on any given day:

Hot-Rolled Steel is currently selling for about $935 per ton (up $125...

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RapidRatings for Supply Chain Risk Managers: This Moment is Yours (and The Next One Too)

December 15,2020

In painting, there is an oft-used technique where colors, lines, and shapes are applied with increasing or decreasing intensity to create a sense of distance.

Used as early as ancient Rome,...

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RapidRatings for Procurement Leaders: At The Center of It All

December 10,2020

It’s Monday—your category manager for rare earth metals phoned twice. Then texted a quick SOS. Then emailed—not only you—but your supply chain risk manager and your finance director.


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RapidRatings for Suppliers: The World is Depending on You

December 04,2020
Every day, vendors across the globe are making difficult decisions that affect the livelihoods of their employees and the futures of their businesses.

Large and small pressures exist on...

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