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Mr. Chambliss is a Wall Street veteran of more than 40 years. He held a variety of sales and management roles during his 17-year tenure at Salomon Brothers before joining the Swiss Bank–O’Connor Partners joint venture (now UBS) as a managing director in 1991. He left UBS in 2001 to work with former Salomon colleagues on venture capital projects in financial guaranty and in listed options trading. He also worked in manager selection and investor development at Alternative Asset Managers, L.P. He came to RapidRatings after a stint in leveraged loan sales and trading at LaBranche & Co., Inc., now a part of Cowen Inc.
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The CECL Project -- Deep Divergences Now Revealed

October 28,2019

CECL’s January compliance deadline for larger US banks is fast approaching.  As everyone expected, the states of readiness vary widely among financial institutions. The CECL team leader at Citi,...

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The CECL Revolution in Financial Assets - Update on the FASB Reform

June 10,2016

Updates on the FASB Reform for CECL 

The Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) April announcement provided an update on plans for one of the most radical accounting reforms ever imposed on...

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'Tis the Season to Be Worried

December 31,2015

This is a festive and welcome time of the year for almost everyone – everyone who is not a senior executive working in the US banking industry. Executives at the largest bank holding companies...

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