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James H. Gellert is Chairman and CEO of RapidRatings.
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22 for '22; Our Predictions for Next Year

December 30,2021

For many of us, this single year has felt like an entire decade.

Even though much of the world began to regain (albeit shakily) its footing, we all continue to experience the lasting, and...

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Is The Adrenaline Enough?

September 16,2021

Last year, we predicted that the pandemic would exacerbate pre-existing weaknesses in the financial health of both public and private companies across industries. Among 24 out of 30 industry...

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21 for '21; Our Predictions for The New Year

December 29,2020

It’s been one hell of a year.  

One where we’ve all needed to be resilientpersonally and professionally. 

As a company of close-knit team members, our resilience is defined by the care we...

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COVID-19 Stress Test Analysis

April 01,2020

RapidRatings has conducted a stress test to aid our clients in modeling extreme potential outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis on their portfolios of public and private third parties, suppliers,...

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Guidance on COVID-19 pandemic impact

March 06,2020

In our latest report we take a close look at COVID-19 and its impact on global supply chains. Here's a brief overview before you download the full report below:

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