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Pete Tantillo

Pete Tantillo, CFO & COO at RapidRatings, is an accomplished technology finance executive who has been leading growth and profitability initiatives for over twenty five years. Prior to joining the team at RapidRatings in 2016, he was the CFO for two mid-sized private equity backed software companies. Pete also worked at publicly traded software company, Misys, where he built a ten-country global finance team in support of the professional and customer support business. Pete spent 12 years at software powerhouse SAP where he led both customer facing and back office teams during the Company’s period of explosive growth in the Americas. He started his career as a senior manager at Arthur Andersen & Co after receiving his B.A. from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. Pete is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Recent Posts

Wait, when am I getting my car?

February 11,2021

Ruminations on Automotive Supply Chains

Recently, there’s been much coverage in the media on strained supply chains in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a true motorhead or just a...

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Why you don’t want to rely on payment scores to make decisions on your suppliers

April 25,2020

It is increasingly clear that the economic impacts of the current pandemic will be long lasting.  Global supply chains will continue to be disrupted as much by the effects of macroeconomic frailty...

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A Winning Outcome: Getting Finance, Procurement, and Supply Chain Working from the Same Playbook

October 21,2019
Here are four ways all companies can heighten collaboration across these departments and rise to the top in today’s competitive business environment.

In the classic sports playbook everyone...

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