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ReAlign: The One-Month Postscript—Video, Takeaways & Program Highlights

March 26,2021

While firms around the world have adjusted their late-stage pandemic strategies, there are new non-COVID disruptions and exogenous risks impacting global supply chains every day 


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Wait, when am I getting my car?

February 11,2021

Ruminations on Automotive Supply Chains

Recently, there’s been much coverage in the media on strained supply chains in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a true motorhead or just a...

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21 for '21; Our Predictions for The New Year

December 29,2020

It’s been one hell of a year.  

One where we’ve all needed to be resilientpersonally and professionally. 

As a company of close-knit team members, our resilience is defined by the care we...

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RapidRatings for Sourcing & Category Managers: Where Relationships Begin & End

December 24,2020

Depending on who you are, this may be the least (or most) interesting email you get in your inbox on any given day:

Hot-Rolled Steel is currently selling for about $935 per ton (up $125...

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RapidRatings for Supply Chain Risk Managers: This Moment is Yours (and The Next One Too)

December 15,2020

In painting, there is an oft-used technique where colors, lines, and shapes are applied with increasing or decreasing intensity to create a sense of distance.

Used as early as ancient Rome,...

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