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The Hertz Canary; and The Shortened Fuse of Credit Risk Management

August 05,2020

Earlier this summer, the ink on the Hertz post-mortem began to dry.

The company, and its underlying assets, were in freefall, prompting analysts, speculators, and carrion collectors to wonder whether...

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State of Supply Chain: Industry-Specific Stress Test

June 29,2020

New RapidRatings Stress Test provides early warning for Supply Chain Managers—there is still time to select suppliers with strong financial health.

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Why You Need to Know Your Supplier’s Cash Conversion Cycle

May 27,2020

How Financial Discussions Drive Better Supply Chain Decisions

If there’s one thing that the current COVID-19 crisis has reinforced, it’s that while change is constant, it can quickly veer off in...

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Why you don’t want to rely on payment scores to make decisions on your suppliers

April 25,2020

It is increasingly clear that the economic impacts of the current pandemic will be long lasting.  Global supply chains will continue to be disrupted as much by the effects of macroeconomic frailty...

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COVID-19 Supplier Dialogue

April 02,2020

Organizations worldwide are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic in many ways, with the majority enacting some form of pandemic response policy. So, it is with great urgency that prudent organizations...

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