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3 Strategies to Help Minimize Impact of Supplier Disruption

June 29,2018

What to do before, during, and after a supplier disruption

A catastrophic fire at the facilities of Meridian Magnesium Products of America, the world's largest producer of magnesium components...

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Can your Supply Chain Withstand Mother Nature’s Next Move?

June 06,2018

 Using Financial Health to Understand and Prioritize Risk Hotspots

With the rise of disruptive incidents from cyber-attacks, to natural disasters, to geopolitical uncertainty, it’s no wonder that...

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Carillion: When One Company's Liquidation Rocks an Entire Industry

April 09,2018

Since Carillion PLC’s unexpected liquidation in last January, fallout from the news has rattled Britain’s construction industry and put the hundreds of companies that worked with Carillion at...

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CECL Has SEC Chairman's Support - Why wait to prepare?

February 27,2018

Last fall opponents of CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss) made one of their most strenuous efforts yet to derail the FASB initiative (ASU 2016-13 Financial Instruments – Credit Losses). They...

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CECL, Merton Models and Volatility’s Threat to ALLL Accuracy

February 16,2018

The imposition of CECL reporting, beginning in 2020, presents the US banking industry with unprecedented analytical and administrative challenges. It is no surprise that banks admit to...

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