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RapidRatings for Suppliers: The World is Depending on You

December 04,2020
Every day, vendors across the globe are making difficult decisions that affect the livelihoods of their employees and the futures of their businesses.

Large and small pressures exist on...

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RapidRatings for CFOs: Modern Soothsaying via Data Transparency & Advanced Analytics

December 01,2020
The plot has thickened for finance chiefs.
While they’ve always had to fulfill the mandate (close the books, collect the cash), keep the trust (be the fiduciaries), and make things better...
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Treasure in Your Chain: Opportunity Between Now and 2021

November 24,2020

It’s Q4.

You’ve probably(?) just finished budget season.

Or maybe, you’ve just made it through earnings season. 

Perhaps—both. And the paper bag you’ve been using to exhale rhythmically into for...

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Three Truths and a Supply Chain Lie

November 17,2020
You don’t have to be an Iowan pork farmer , Canadian real estate agent , or polo shirt enthusiast to know that it’s been a strange year of strange events—expressed through strange...
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A Winning Outcome: Getting Finance, Procurement, and Supply Chain Working from the Same Playbook

October 21,2019
Here are four ways all companies can heighten collaboration across these departments and rise to the top in today’s competitive business environment.

In the classic sports playbook everyone...

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