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22 for '22; Our Predictions for Next Year

December 30,2021

For many of us, this single year has felt like an entire decade.

Even though much of the world began to regain (albeit shakily) its footing, we all continue to experience the lasting, and...

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FHR Exchange Spotlight: Carroll Communications

November 10,2021
The world’s supply chains have never been more interdependent as they are today. And as a global pandemic continues to redefine modern commerce, one thing is certain—to have stronger suppliers,...
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Big October; Listed, Mentioned, and Recognized

October 21,2021

RapidRatings Listed in the Spend Matters Almanac and ProcureTech100 for 2021

For many companies around the world, this October has been a defining month.  

Beyond the typical trappings that...

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Is The Adrenaline Enough?

September 16,2021

Last year, we predicted that the pandemic would exacerbate pre-existing weaknesses in the financial health of both public and private companies across industries. Among 24 out of 30 industry...

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Future-Chain—The Bold Face of Risk Management in Five Years

August 24,2021
[This piece was originally posted on the Procurement Foundry blog ]

As with any evolution, a species must adapt to survive.

For businesses (of any kind) in the next five years,...

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