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Death of the Reactive State

June 24,2021
[This piece was originally posted on the Procurement Foundry blog ]

English poet William Wordsworth once wrote that “Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and...

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FHR Network Spotlight: Carroll Communications (Part I)

May 13,2021

In December, we wrote an open letter to private company suppliers around the world.

The world’s supply chain has never been more interdependent as it is today. And as a global pandemic...

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Greensill’s Warning Isn’t What You Think

May 04,2021

Many were surprised when fintech darling Greensill Capital suddenly collapsed earlier this year.

Buoyed by capital from leading global investors, the company was widely understood to be...

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ReAlign: The One-Month Postscript—Video, Takeaways & Program Highlights

March 26,2021

While firms around the world have adjusted their late-stage pandemic strategies, there are new non-COVID disruptions and exogenous risks impacting global supply chains every day 


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Wait, when am I getting my car?

February 11,2021

Ruminations on Automotive Supply Chains

Recently, there’s been much coverage in the media on strained supply chains in the automotive industry. Whether you’re a true motorhead or just a...

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